Asian Cinema Classics to be the subject of new marathon

Well after giving it sometime, I thought I needed to really pay homage to some of Japan’s more renown directors and films. That’s why I decided on 4 classic films to review and discuss on the podcast. The films are as followes: Hidden Fortress (1958), Ugetsu (1953), Tokyo Story (1953), Onibaba (1964).



The Hangover II

Directed By:

Todd Phillips


One thing I look for the most in sequels to relatively successful films, is whether  they are able to stand up as good films themselves. In comedies, it’s important that the film bring at least the same level of funny as the original, but rehashes are usually a “no-no”. I have never had to chance to the first Hangover film, nor did I really have the desire to. The premise sounded somewhat interesting,but once I saw a trailer, I pretty much sized up the entire film from it. The Hangover is a movie about irresponsible adults with hangovers who cannot recall the debauchery of the night before. With that in mind, you’d think that I would’nt have even given the sequel to such a film a second glance. But I did. In fact, this sequel got some much advertising on commercials, print, and the radio; that you’d be hard pressed to find someone unaware of the sequel’s release. I will say that I went back and watched the original later that night. Yep, I didn’t see sleep until around 3 in the morning. All for you.



Whose in it?


Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, and Ken Joeng are really the main cast with a few others (Justin Bartha and Mason Lee) popping in and out throughout. These guys were all in the first film, save Lee, and all their on screen personas have been given a shot in the arm. So if Bradley Cooper came off as an asshole to you in the first one, he’s definitely an asshole now. Zach G (as his whole name is a pain to spell) has a very unique brand of situational comedy that’s really an acquired taste. Ed Helms is suppose to be the straight man to these two, and has the worst happen to him over the course of the film.



What happened this time…?


Well, if the trailer hasn’t already spoiled the plot, the funniest gags, and scenes for you; it’s essentially the same film as The Hangover. A group of men have what seems to be an innocent drink to celebrate their friend’s wedding in 2 days. When they wake up, their in another city, one friend is missing and their is a monkey in the hotel room they ended up in. Hah. Funny, I know. I truly felt like the film itself could have gone an infinite amount of ways with this premise, but in the end it really does settle for cheap laughs (few and far between). I went to a 10:30pm showing on Saturday and the audience was made up of college students (mostly women) who came to see Bradley Cooper. Not only is he’s character a jerk, but Zach G is again limited to funny sounds and expressions and being rude and awkward to people he’s unfamiliar with. It’s cute, but not all that funny.




Can I please talk about something else? This film is a good Dollar movie watch. Wait until then, unless you really just want to see it.





FIST-FOOT Marathon Nominations

Award Name: The Iron Fist Award


Movies in the running:

Showdown in Little Tokyo

Kiss of the Dragon

Rumble in the Bronx



Best Director


Mark L. Lester, Chris Nahon, Stanley Tong, Sheldon Lettich



Strongest Leading Character


Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Jean Claude-Van Damme



Toughest Supporting Character


Brandon Lee (Detective Johnny Murata), Bridget Fonda (Jessica Kamen, prostitute), Francoise Yip (Nancy, Biker chick), Harrison Page (Joshua, fast-talking bookie)


Hardest-Working Villain


Deborah Renard (Un-trustworthy bidder), Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Leader of Iron Claw, enemy of 2 generations of Kenner family), Tcheky Karyo (Corrupt French inspector), Kris Lord (White Tiger)


Highest Flying Action Sequences


Jet-Li, Jackie Chan, Jean Claude Van-Damme, Dolph Lundgren