Pointz Taken Seriously II (Monday the 25th)

“Our guns are bigger than their guns?”

Words: Desmond Childs

I know it’s been a while since the podcast has been updated, and I have an excuse. I’ve been going through the moving process, so I’ve been spending a lot of the time in and out of the house. Don’t worry though, because I do have my show notes pretty much written. The reviews I got ready are “The Man From Nowhere” and “Kagemusha”. In the meantime, check out some of these Pointz Taken Seriously; every now and then, I’ll read something online and get the urge to react to it in this blog. For example some of the news coming out of San Diego Comic Con is getting me kind of hyped for Summer 2012. And of course all the video game hype we got toward the beginning of the spring has me excited to see some of these new video games coming out.

As for as the Asian cinema front, the Wong Kar Wai film, The Grand Master looks very intriguing! How many of you guys got to see the trailer for that one? Here it is, in case you didn’t:


As I mentioned in part one of this Pointz Taken Seriosuly, cinema Marvel has turned cinema DC into it’s whipping boy. Captain America was good. Thor was solid. Green Latern was horrid. For those keeping score, that’s 2-1 Marvel over DC. It’s a shame too, considering the Green Laterns and Thor would battle to a standstill. However, I may just be saying that to upset my girlfriend Ashley. Anyway, Dragon Ball Z pawns all!


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