Pointz Taken Seriously (Friday the 9th)

Alright, so I’ve already begun to look for which shows I want to follow; and selection looks typical of new anime series. A handful of “eh”‘s, 4 or 5 shows that gather cult following, some new seasons of older shows, and then the stinkers that are dropped or played to a largely unresponsive audience. A few of the things I’m looking for in the 6 shows I follow are pretty basic. I want a cohesive, interesting narrative and characters. The storyline needs to at least feel somewhat fresh. The fan service shouldn’t take a way from the appeal of a show, it’s suppose to enhance it. I also don’t want fanservice to get in the way of crucial moments in a series; which means the tone should be spread pretty evenly. Someone asked me what I thought made a series a classic one (a dealer room store owner asked me at AFEST). I told him the classics usually inspire, inform, warn, and showcase all of the medium’s strongest elements. The classic anime shows also have a high replay value, for the most part.

I’m also getting back into my review groove. Kagamusha is going down this weekend, and I’ll definietly include my review of it on the next installment of the Screened Visions. Contrary to the last post I made here, the episodes will probably run longer than 30 minutes too. I’ll include an anime segment, a movie review, and a marathon movie review. At least, that’s what I plan on doing. The written reviews usually get written moments after I’ve viewed a movie, and I set them to post the following afternoon. Anyway, now that the fall is back, I’ve got some time to kind of get back to my groove I was in during the Spring and early Summer. I’m also sharing time with writting, casting, and producing an audio drama series; so time is essential to me. I’ll update in a day or two. Thanks for all the reads while I was gone! ^_^