Anime Survivor 2011 (Hunter x Hunter)

Hunter x Hunter


Manga Series Information

Written and Illustrated By: Yoshihiro Togashi

# of Volumes: 29 volumes and counting since March 3, 1998

Anime Series Information

Directed By: Hiroshi Koujina

Debut October 2, 2011

Two episodes and counting…



In Hunter x Hunter (or HxH), the story follows the adventures of Gon; the son of a “legendary” hunter, now disappeared. Gon’s wanting to become a Hunter to learn more about his father; according to the dialouge in the first episode of this series. Gon’s father was willing to forgo his duties as a husband and father in order to become a top-shelf hunter. Once Gon goes through his own little, bizarre, “rite of passage”; he sets out on his journey. While on a ship headed toward where his hunter exams will take place; Gon meets two more central characters. The last surviving member of a clan, Kurapika; and a physician, Leorio. During the course of the first episode the trio clash, work together, and soon become friends. In a nut shell, that’s the debut episode of Hunter x Hunter.

One can only assume some of the small, yet meaningful connections the trio of hunters made with each other were skipped over in favor of action. However, adventure anime series have often been critized for the reluctance to develop characters past their intital drive and ambitions. Sure, learning quirks like how one particular character likes to eat junk food, or another is always serious is cute. But in a mediocre story, these are often pointed to as reasons a show wasn’t recieved well. In a “good” show, the quirks are seen as “perks” for the audience; little treats we all get in addition to an engaging storyline and characters. I guess I’m just hoping Hunter x Hunter; in addition to following the manga more closesly, makes time for the characters to “find themselves”.



After one episode it gets a pass. Most of the shows will, but it was by no means a sure thing. This first round is usually for weeding out some of the more outrageously bad shows.


October’s Hallows Eve Marathon 2011

Alright, I’m a huge chicken. So in a desperate attempt to scare myself out of being afraid (?), I’m having a marathon centered entirely on Asian horror flicks. Yay? Starting Sunday 23, 2011; I’ll be watching a movie all this week, and following up with reviews for the blog. This is my mission, If I choose to accept it yaddi yadda yadda….

So stick around, you’ll probably be getting a email update every day this week. Wish me luck, here are the films I’m going to be checking out:

  1. Arang
  2. Ghost of Mae Nak
  3. Barking Dogs Never Bite
  4. Shiver
  5. Face
  6. Goth
  7. Dream Home