Love in Between (2010)



words: desmond childs


Love in Between: “Games people play…”

Hot, steamy, romantic triangles are good tv. It really is, admit it. These types of movies and shows are perfect for date nights or rainy days. But all in all, they’re films made with the female demographic in mind, right? I mean, all the sex scenes, screaming, raging, jealousy-filled arguments in these films isn’t exactly what I’d call “hard-hitting” cinema. Well, maybe in a sense, but that’s gross thinking. Speaking of which, the sex in Love in Between is definitely, “in your face” with nudity peppered all throughout the first half of the film. As the movie draws towards it’s conclusion, the sex is exchanged for a few “big reveal” scenes and a bit of poetic, yet bitter-sweet justice.


Directed By: Jeong Yun-Su (pictured above)

“Love, In Between” is Mr. Jeong’s latest foray, only this time it’s a hot, steamy, pile of…romance. See what I did there? Anyway, he’s been the helmer of 3 films prior to this one (My Wife Got Married in 2008, Love Now in 2007, Yesterday in 2002) and he was an assistant director on The Hair Dresser (1995). He’s also got some screen writing creds, penning My Wife Got Married and Yesterday. I honestly didn’t see anything extraordinary he did with his camera or some of the choices he makes. He puts the audience in the room with the characters, and it gave me the “fly-on-the-wall” feel throughout the film. The writers, of which Mr. Jeong is one, did a solid job developing the relationship between the girlfriend and “mistress”. By the end it felt like two sisters oggling over one another while unknowningly fueding over the same man. It’s a non-violent feud, but a feud all the same.

What we got going on here…

  The story itself is pretty straightforward. A couple, whose relationship seems headed toward marriage and children is threatened when the woman finds evidence her boyfriend is cheating on her. What makes this particular love-triangle (somewhat) interesting (at first) is that the girlfriend and “side-chick” end up becoming really, really close friends. When I say close, I mean close. At one point I thought I was watching the beginning of a live-action “yuri” manga adaption. Anyway, the closeness between the three lovers is truly felt throughout up until the very awkward climax and conclusion. The guy is caught between his love for his girlfriend and need to “pretect” her, and his “love” for a former student. The women in the film both suffer through feelings of jealousy, angry, empathy, sympathy, etc. The result is a story of three confused, and fickled individuals who make love, argue, backstab, and make-up. The impression it left on me and my girlfriend? We liked it. It’s a decently woven tale of love and betrayl in Korea; where poetic justice serves as the ultimate equalizer of sorts. That make sense? If not, the saying, “What comes around goes around” will probably suffice as a more coherent metaphor. 


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