Screened Vision[s] returns after the Holidays!

After a long talk with some friends, and listening to a cousin who reenergiezed me; I’m ready to get back to my work. Now last I left off with was my Cinema Classics Marathon. I gotta finish that off. At least an award show, y’all. I’m going to get that together, later this weekend. This coming Wednesday, I’m recording the first episode of the new year. I’m going to be checking out “Going by the Book”. It’s a Japanese comedy, and I’m a little worried because the last Japanese comedy I saw seems to have escaped my memory. I know that I’ve seen them before, but apparently they didn’t leave anything memorable in meh head.

Also, I’ve finished my script treatment for my audio series. I’m editing it this week, and hopefully it’ll move ahead toward the casting phase. It’s tougher having to do this alone, but the creative control makes it worth it. Alright, that’s all I got for you guys now. Hope you all had a restful, stress-free holiday break! Happy New Year! Let’s kick 2012 off right! Later.


It’s 2012 and STILL not a flying car in sight! That’s just a shame.


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