Friday the 20th

Well, since school is back (for me and my kids), its been a little rough going getting some time for the blog. Thankfully, I’ve worked out my schedule, and Saturdays seem like great days for shows. Live shows? Who knows. I will say that it’s better to wait a week before I update, as oppossed to trying throughout the week and failing.

In other news, my bro wants to see Red Tails. I have a problem with some of the marketing tactics that have been used to promote this vehicle. It’s supposed to be some sort of update historical drama about the Tuskegee Airmen, right? Why do some of the trailers make the film look like a sexy, action-packed, pop-corn flick? I’m a black guy, so while I’m not going to officially play the “race” card and say this movie promotion effort has racial “red flags”; I will say that Pearl Harbor starring Ben Affleck didn’t seem like it was this “sexy”. Can we have a new trailer for Red Tails that just plays the whole thing straight and let the story and characters tell what happened. I mean for god sake there’s a scene where the airmen are practically breaking out of a huddle like their 4th and goal! “We fight! We fight! We fight!” Well obviously.

Here’s a trailer that isn’t as bad as the one I’m referring too:

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