SVMB: Saturday the 25th

Looking like you guys will get an episode a week, even if some are “news-only”. My schedule has switched again, so that I have time for it.

I just watched the NBA All-Star Weekend and was sorta unimpressed with the night as a whole. Starting with Kevin Hart NOT being all that funny to me; there just wasn’t a ton to get all that excited about. The most ‘All-Star’ event of the night was the ‘Skills’ competion, because like every GREAT point guard in the league (except Derek Rose and Chris Paul) were in it. The Dunk contest was boring. All the dunkers missed a bunch of dunks, and the made dunks were less-than stellar. BEST PART of the night was Charles Barkley being Charles Barkley. His ‘commentary’ was at least a decent comic relief in an otherwise dull, quiet bore of an event. It’s just my opinion obviously, but I really think the Dunk contest should only be every other year. The years the dunk contest is not featured, replace it with either a “comedy club” event or just bump the Celebrity All-Star game into Saturday night. Do something to make this interesting again! PLEASE!?


Sunday I’ll be prepping for a show this week, and I may try to record a little something before the Oscars comes on that night. We’ll see. As for now, here’s the iTunes feed to the show, I unlocked the STUPID password-protected problem we were having so everyone should be able to download the show now! Again, sorry about that. CLICK ON LINK BELOW TO SUBSCRIBE! THANKS!


I’ve been watching Initial D: First Stage, a racing anime from the late 90s. It’s simple, addicting and I’m not ashamed to say I dug it. I’ve watched 19 episodes, and now I’m moving on to Rideback. More on how that show impresses or pisses me off coming soon…






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