City Hunter (Episode One)

I’m NOT talking about the CITY HUNTER pictured below…(Not one of Chan’s best, and I’m a huge fan)

US DVD cover

US DVD cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Volume 31 of the Jump Comics edition, depictin...

Volume 31 of the Jump Comics edition, depicting Ryo Saeba and his supporting cast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

City Hunter (film)

City Hunter (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

-Spoliers Alert

City Hunter caught my eye simply because I thought it was a live action version of the anime, City Hunter. This Korean drama has nothing  to do with that cartoon Is in fact based on the Japanese manga by Tsukasa Hojo. It’s centered on a attractive (but deadly) young man seeking revenge against those who killed his father.

The first episode of the series doesn’t even deal with the main character of the show, because he has not yet been born. Lee Jin-pyo, who works for the South Korean government (along with the main character’s surrogate father) is the star of this first episode and later serves as the protagonists’ father-mentor figure. Agent Lee and other special ops agents are sent on a “retaliation” mission against the North Korean forces that initiated the Rangoon bombing. The mission itself starts off pretty well, but once something goes wrong the special agents are forced to retreat to their escape subway, which (in a terrible, ironic twist) guns them all down in the water. Lee Jin-pyo is the only survivor when Park Moo-yul (City Hunter’s father) shields him underwater, literally taking a bullet for him. The rest of the episode is basically Lee Jin-pyo trying to avenge his fallen comrades and failing; then deciding to kidnap Park Moo-yul’s son to raise as his own. He belives that he owes it to his friend for saving his life, and that Park Moo-yul’s wife can only be happy losing both her husband and infant son. Interesting logic, if I do say so myself. But in the context of such a silly pilot such as this, it made sense. Don’t get me wrong, this show is silly, but I’m going to at least cover two more episodes because it’s an engaging peace of work. If you’re interested in following the show yourself it’s on Netflix instant watch.


“This is the City Hunter”

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