Recapped!: “Canvas 2: Niji Iro no Sketch” (2005)

Alright, stop me if you heard this one. A guy wakes up, groggy from a dream that seemed almost to be a memory from the past. He rubs his eyes, taking care to rub the thin line of spittle around his mouth from the past night’s slumber. After a couple long, hard blinks, he rolls over and…

…is greeted by a girl wearing his pajama top. It covers most of her body but as she twists and turns on the mattress a clear view of her undercarriage (legs, panties, etc.) can be seen. This startles the guy, and even makes him blush.

Now after reading the above description, who do you think the young woman lying in bed next to this man is?

A. Wife

B. Prostitute

C. His @#$% Little Cousin


If you picked “C” first, I think it’s time you sought help. Your mind seems to be able to freely wonder to dark corners of thought and perversion; while the rest of us prayed the answer to be “A” or at least “B”. Unfortunately the answer is “C” and the little cousin is so ‘close’ to the main protagonist, we as the viewers can’t help but see their relationship as a romantic one. Now yes, there have been people who have married their cousins and had kids, blah blah blah. However, a situation in which you have basically raised a little girl since she was 5 or 6 years old (now she’s 15 or 16); then proceed to begin sexual relations with said girl is straight perversion in my book. Whoa Desmond, are you telling us this anime is about the sexual escapades of a man and his little cousin whom he has raised as his little sister? No? I’m just saying the first 2 or 3 minutes makes the show look like that’s what it’s about. And if your not use to watching Japanese animation (many of you aren’t), this pilot episode would be the VERY last thing you would need to see.

Anyway, I’m going to watch another one or two episodes and recap those, but the show actually doesn’t sound this weird. It appears to be a story about a college student working to become a full fledged art teacher. He’s also having to raise his little cousin because (spoilers alert) her parents have died in a crash. The crash and ensuing scene of death and gore, are also the reason the little girl he’s watching over doesn’t like the color red (presumably because her parents were covered in it). So yeah, while the show isn’t a Hentai, it does seem to center around the relationship between the young man and his little cousin. So now that you know this, let’s give them both names. Canvas 2: Niji Iro no Sketch is an anime series that seems to be about the lives of Hiroki Kamikura and his cousin, Elis Hosen. I’ll update with more recaps of episodes one and two when I find some time. Until then. Later.





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