Weekly Roll Out PREVIEW: ‘Hard Revenge Milly’

This one appears to be the ‘bloodletting, gorefest’ of this marathon. I haven’t read any reviews whatsoever, so I have no idea what the general opinion of this film is, other than there’s also a sequel. So, knowing there’s a sequel, it also means the chances of Milly (if thats her name) dying in this pic are slim to none. Anyway, even if she did die in this movie and came back in the sequel as some weird revenge seeking ghost; I’m still getting the feeling this female action hero has nothing to really worry about, right? Wrong. This movie is about a wife and mother seeking revenge after both her husband and daughter are killed. BOOM! What else do you need to know folks? We have a revenge flick on our hands! Watch it before the next episode of the show on Wednesday! Alright?


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