Recapped!: “The Great Happiness Space”


*this is a documentary

 Wanna get a way? We all have our “happy place” we like to sneak off to and relax. These places rejuvenate us physically, mentally, and spiritually. However, how many of you can say that your “happy place” costs hundreds or thousands of dollars per visit? Sounds like it defeats the purpose of going to a “happy place” if your paying for it out the wazoo. However, let’s say your job (as stressfull as it is) pays better than most of society, including salary-business jobs. Would paying for your “happy place” be worth it then?

The women who visit the Rakkyo cafe often come for an all nighter. Many fall in love with the hosts there (Guys who dress to look cool and beautiful) and some even propose or ask for sex. The hosts are at the mercy of these women. Priding themselves on being able to “sell dreams” to these customers, they often bounce around the cafe from one patron to the next doing what ever they can to make them all happy.

After 30 or so minutes the cafe looks harmless enough, until we get to learn the personal and private lives of many of the patrons that frequent Rakkyo cafe. That’s when the movie takes a dark turn and we see the dramatic irony reveal itself. Imagine prostitues using the money they’ve earned from their work to pay the hosts at Rakkyo for hours and hours of their time. Very few want sex. All want meaniful relationships. However there is a certain sad awareness that no one within these host clubs can be trusted; because their jobs demand that they say whatever to make the patrons feel good. Some of the interviews reveal how warped and detached many of the hosts and patrons have become from the bonds formed at the cafe. One “relationship” between patron and host had lasted 5 years and was celebrated by the hosts and the patron drinking 5 bottles of champagne ranging in cost from $10,000 to $200,000. Personally, I’m good with a $1 bottle of Coke Cola. I’m just saying. Without spoiling too much more of the film, I’ll say it really takes any notions you had about fun places like host clubs or even strip clubs and turns them on their head. There’s a reason that many people call patrons of such establishments “sleazy”. There’s also a reason that the customers at these host clubs keep spending hundreds of thousands of dollars (yen) just to be able to drink with the pretty boy hosts of the Rakkyo cafe. Here is a 10-minute preview of the film on

You can watch the whole movie on Netflix Instant Watch.


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