Recapped!: “The Invention of Dr.NakaMats”

*this is a documentary

There are glasses in the shape of eyes so it doesn’t appear the user is wearing them. A toilet seat lifter. A cigarette that supposedly “activates” the brain. These and many other inventions that may or may not be needed were created by none other than the Ig Nobel Prize winning, Toshiro Nakamatsu (aka Dr. Nakamats). This film is a documentary of sorts covering a couple of weeks maybe even a few days in the life of Dr. Nakamats. We get to see how he interacts with potential business partners, how prideful he is in his inventions, and also how many of his inventions showcase his true genius, including a water-powered bike cab for three. Sounds weird I know, but the people offering to buy it wanted it at only half the price of what competitors were selling for. Feeling offended, Dr. Nakamats scolds them and then proceeds to give them a live demonstration of his product before brashly proclailming it to be two or three more hundred dollars more than what the competitors were selling there’s for.

The film goes on to show us Dr. Nakamats’ interaction with his children, a few lectures he gives, and even the new product he announces on his 81st birthday. The film is interesting, not just because of the different inventions we get to see, but also how eccentric, bold, and prideful the man behind them is. The film doesn’t really go into it, but it’s heavily implied that Dr. NakaMats is a very difficult man to do business with. He even, at times, appeared to be a bit much for his family to deal with at his most stubborn. Still, as biased the film makers appeared to be, Dr. Nakamats’ sweet nature and love for his family as well as his shrewedness as a businessmen shined through equally. The invention of Dr. Nakamats is a film about a sweet old man with a big heart, has incredible ambition, and a weird sort of matter-of-factness about life that seems to both attract and repel those closest to him at any given point and time.