Iron Maiden Accolades (Women Warrior Marathon Awards)

Author’s Word: It’s been awhile, but things are always happening; life is always happening. I’m now at a stretch where I can pump out a large amount of material. Probably no MONTHLY marathons because it’s already the middle of June. Don’t be surprised if I start a new marathon next week or the week after though.


Twitter: @sonofshinobi

Iron Maiden Accolades

One of the things I enjoyed most about this marathon was the variety in the number of archetypes for the leads. 3-4 movies is a small sample size but I was still able to watch 4 different, unique personalities. Although some of the films were hyper-imaginative, the characters involved all displayed tangible, “human” feelings on screen that we could relate too. Sure I’m not a hot, amazonian; but I have felt the pain of losing a loved one. I’m not a blind, wondering samurai, but I have gone through some things in my past that have made me socially distant (at times, obviously). I’m not an idiot-savant, martial arts expert; but I’d do anything to protect those I love. All of these are shown in one  variation or another in this marathon, and while the flicks I chose to watch aren’t instant classics; none of them really ever fall short of expressing whatever it was they set out to.


  • Who did we connect with?
  • Most unlikely to overcome the odds?
  • Most likeable character?
  • Who did it their way?
  • Weirdest Origin and/or character quirk?
  • Neo’s favorite movie of the marathon?

Running Time: 27 min. 59 sec.

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