New Marathon Kicking off Soon!

If you’ve been tuning into the show (and you better be), I was throwing around some ideas on what to have a marathon over. Sports films, Coming-of-Age tales, and Detective movies were among the genres I was muling over. After a few days of thinking about (and with about a week before the first), I’ve decided to Ganster films. Here’s where things get interesting: I’m planning on comparing and contrasting films from all over the world this time. So you’re not just getting Asian films this time, you’re getting stuff from all over the world this time. As for what movies in particular I’ll be checking out, I’ll have that list by the end of this week! Imagine the possibilities here though, guys; we have the chance to see some smuck get bumped off in several languages! ISN’T THIS EXCITING!? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED! If so, calm down, because the marathon hasn’t started yet. By the way, if you guys have some ideas for any gangster flicks I should check out hit me up at

I gotta show on Monday night! Blogtalkradio version to go up later this week as well! Until next time!


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