Mobster Movie Marathon Preview: ‘Shinjuku Incident’


If you have been following this blog, and really anything I’ve done since 2007-2008; you’ll know my favorite action star is Jackie Chan. I’ve seen all but a few of his hard to find films, and his influence was a big part (the biggest) of why I started this blog in the first place. So with all that being said, naturally the first film in my Mobster Movie Marathon has to star Jackie Chan, right? 

Interestingly enough, Shinkuku Incident stars a “sorta out of his element” Chan where the action scenes center around him but are not choregraphed to a flighty perfection. I’d also like to note that this picture was suppose to be a milestone for Chan, in that he’d be demonstrating no martial arts whatsoever. At least that’s the way Chan and director Tung-Shing Yee marketed the film. My question is will their be any martial arts at all? I wouldn’t be bothered if there wasn’t. I am curious as to why one would resort to fighting with bats and switchblades; when a solid 7 or 8 years of martial arts training would (in theory) best those weapons. I understand guns, but switchblades? At any rate, the episode of the podcast will be out this Friday. Check out Netflix’s description of the film along with the trailer below:

Shinjuku Incident

(San suk si gin)

2009R1hr 59m

Dee’s rating:

5 stars

Average of 84,803 ratings:

3.5 stars

Fleeing mainland China to search for his lost love, Xiu Xiu, an illegal immigrant known as Steelhead travels to Tokyo — where he reluctantly becomes a yakuza hit man after discovering that Xiu Xiu has married into the mob.

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