Mobster Movie Marathon Preview: ‘Sonatine’


With this second installment of our Mobster Movie Marathon, I’m finally getting the chance to see a ‘Beat’ Takeshi film. Mr. Takeshi seems to truly be a renaissance type of a guy, having done a little of everything one could imagine within the business of entertainment. I’m curious to see this guy’s directorial style as well as his acting chops. Supposedly, this film was a milestone, that many other movies that were produced later have tried to measure up to (in terms of it being a ‘great’ ganster flick). I’m going in too it with pretty high expectations; so I’m hoping It’s a good time. As usual if you have Netflix and want to follow my marathon this film is available for Instant Watch. Feel free to also send in your thoughts about the film to

Check out the trailer below:





1993R1hr 34m

Our best guess for Dee:

3.8 stars

Average of 52,673 ratings:

3.5 stars

Mob boss Murakawa (Takeshi Kitano) aims to merge his factions of power as he gets closer to middle age. His boss has the perfect assignment for him: to serve as mediator in a town where some of the gang’s divisions have become uncooperative with one another. Murakawa fears that he’s being forced out of the organization — and realizes just how right he was when he’s suddenly forced into a deadly ambush.







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