Recapped!: “The Unjust”

I was supposedly keeping to Gangster films for the last month or so; but I seem to have tailed off into a “Corrupt Cop” picture from director Ryu Seung-wan. The Unjust is by no means a new spin on an old tale. In fact, I was personally able to map out the stories basic plot (from start to finish) after around 15 minutes or so. Usually not a good thing, and The Unjust definietly suffers from NOT “playing close enough to the vest”, so to speak. The cast is actually a pretty strong one lead by both Hwang Jung-min (of Bloody Tie and Private Eye) and the director’s younger brother; Ryu Seung-beom. If you’re confused on the way Korean names are written out; look for the last part of the hypenated name to learn the first name of someone. In the case of the two brothers behind this film; there names are Wan and Beom. Well, I guess they are anyway; as that was the only thing I could distinguish from one name to the other. Anyway, the director-brother (Ryu Seung-wan) is also the hand behind the films; Sympathy for Mr.Vengeance (2002), Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005), The City of Violence (2006), as well as No Mercy (2010). The guy has also directed some music videos and video games along the way as well. Anyway, his film here doesn’t seem to have any real ambition other than to try and retell the same basic premise with a new coat of paint. I normally wouldn’t characterize something that way, but there really wasn’t anything else here that left that big of an impression with me. I will say that the well worn tropes and devices that Mr. Ryu-Seung does incoporate here are executed well! That’s a compliment right? I mean, we all pay to see remakes and rehashed movies all the time; so why do I feel like this one bothered me for some reason? I’m not sure, although a hope for something more out of a South Korean film definately isn’t too much to ask; considering how often I’m blown away by their top quality. Maybe I should just rewatch something that takes this idea and does it better? Whoops.


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