Recapped!: “Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky”

PHOTOS NSFW ALERT: There are some really disturbing photos from this Movie. Heads up! Look sharp!

“You’re great Ricky, why don’t you join the Gang of Four!?”

words: desmond “neo” childs

You see that picture of the guy with no shirt on? His name is Ricky. He’s an artist. And before I go any further, I’ll show you some of his work. Be warned, he’s..a little abstract (gore factor level 10 of 10)

“This first picture is a closeup of Ricky punching through the gut of an obese troublemaker. He basically disembowls this guy with one blow. Disgusting to behold, inspite of my laughter at how low budget it looked.”

“That is the head of, *spoilers alert* the prison warden. Yep, Ricky got him too.”

Now, here’s the work of some of the other “artists” in this picture…

“YES, that guy with the tattoos actually used disemblowing himself as a ploy to get Ricky to come close enough; so he could strangle him with his own intestines. Gross in every sense of the word.”

“I’m a little fuzzy on the details, but I think this guy took an uppercut from a blade. Boy, that looks uncomfortable.”

“This picture probably best shows the “low-ness” of the film’s budget. Notice the eyes. Looks like Sid from Toy Story is at it again.”

“Ew? Yuck? What is happening here, you ask? That is Ricky punching a guy’s fist so hard that it explodes resulting in the picture above.”

“Oh look. It’s the giant, obese guy that Ricky disembowls in the washroom. I think this picture here is right before the insides of this guy’s belly ooze out onto the floor. Sick, right? Whose hungry!?”

Are you starting to get what kind of “Artists” these guys all are?

Their all martial artists, with Ricky being the most prolific. He has been trained to basically fight with the strength of a “god”. This means he’s unbeatable, has a chip on his shoulder, and could literally (and does) punch your face off if you kill one of his cellmates. Yeah, this is another one of THOSE movies. Fist of the North Star, Hard Revenge Milly and uh…umm…Okay so my experience with this type of film isn’t extensive, but it doesn’t take a genius to see this movie was heavy on the asthetic and light on the story. Blood and Gore are the name of the game here, and the premise of the fim sets the stage for all the death and suffereing to commence. Before I discuss further though, let’s take a look at the director of Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky.

Directed By: Ngai Choi Lam

This cool cat not only directed The Story of Ricky, but also served as the writer. He seemingly

was his busiest during the 80s, only having director two other movies in the 90s. While this film came out

in 1991, the other two projects were A Xiu Luo (1990), and Lao Mao (1992). Now, if the pictures above didn’t make

it obvious enough, this guy likes using “flair”. Whether it’s one of the scenes depicted above, or something a girl commit

suicide by jumping out of a hotel room (naturally, the budget replaced her with a life-sized doll as she fell for the impact).

This guy was not afraid to go “there”.

Now, the question is did his bold and bloody film do anything for me? Yep, it did!

And I could not believe how much so; seeing as how every scene that isn’t someone being brutally killed was to

transition characters from one “battlefield” to the next. It sorta felt like playing through “Arcade Mode” in those Versus Fighters many

of us play (or still play). You go through a number of enemies until you get to the boss. You beat him, and the story is over. However,

the biggest difference is that YOUR not Ricky. I’m not Ricky either, but Ricky is Ricky, and he’s basically untouchable.

To use an internet metaphor of sorts; Ricky in this movie fights and wins like the Chuck Norris jokes and memes we see on the social networks.

He’s so good he’s scary, and he seems ot hold back, more often than not. I mean, if I had the power to actually punch a hold through someone’s

stomach I’d probably have to learn to hold back too. There’s one scene where he dodges some guy with a knife and smacks him in the back of the head.

You know what happened next? This…

Ouch, right? There’s even a scene where some strong guy smashes some poor saps head by clapping his hands againt the side of his head…see?

And of course the ending is so fitting to wrap-up all that has happened in this movie. All I’ll say is one character gets thrown into a meat grinder and we get to see him go in and his “Manburger” meat being strained out of the bottom of the machine. Pretty disgusting, but not surprising. Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend this but to maybe a handful of my friends as the violence level is so off the scale. I feel like this would be a good movie to prank someone with. Take this dvd and put it in the Bloodsport case. Which reminds me, I went into this film with no knowledge about the people behind it at all. It’s based on a manga, by the way. Imagine my surprise when what look like a simple roundhouse kick knocks a guy’s head off! I was without question, caught off guard.

It’s on Netflix Instant watch, if you’re interested in grossing out a girlfriend. As usual, check out the trailer below:



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