Recapped!: “The Last Days of the World”

“…if it’s strange enough for a dog to talk, then why not a radio?”

words: desmond “neo” childs

Can I ask you a question? Feel free to respond at too, okay? Now, what is the strangest movie you’ve ever seen? What about the strangest you’ve seen within the last 3 years or so? Chew on that question for a minute, while I transition into my experience watching a very “unique” movie called, The Last Days of the World. I’m not sure if writer-director, Eiji Uchida’s latest effort was the strangest film I’ve ever seen; but it’s at least one of the strangest movies I’ve seen since starting this blog about a year ago. Is that a good thing, you ask? Was the weirdness something that made the movie special? Or was it just a negative aspect the film could’ve done without? Well you know I don’t like dealing with extremes. I’m more likely to be wishy-washy, than to fall on one side or the other. In this case, the film wants to be weird. Yep, it strives to be strange. And that’s because it understands that it’s premise calls for it.

This movie spends a lot of the time hinting at the fact that the entire story could be a figment of the main character’s imagination. A dream. I know, I know, okay? That idea is just as old as all the others, whatever! But this particular film is so determined to catch the audience off guard that it’s unpredictiability often makes the film fun. It also makes the film a senseless piece of reel, flowing from point A to point B all awhile spitting out loosely connected metaphors and hyperboles. It sorta reminded me of Donnie Darko. It has this inherently dark and unpleasant tone spread throughout; with characters acting on their desires and instincts with little consequence. Well, at least the main character acts this way. But again, we’re still not sure whether or not this kid is dreaming, so he gets that liberty. This guy is a student with no ambition, goals, or dreams; and seems to only want to party and sex any woman who crosses his path. He’s not a playboy, he’s an average looking guy. Anyway, he spends the movie kidnapping a crush, beating up guys he doesn’t like with an aluminum bat, and attending parties with a middle-aged man who cosplays as a Japanese school girl. Yeah, see? I told you this movie was weird. The hole only seems to get deeper when the kid is being chased by two investigators who are looking to bring him to justice for his crimes; as well as a otaku singer who hasn’t gotten over her high school boyfriend from 15 years ago. Doesn’t that sound (or read)  like a dream?

Anyway, the movie is still on Netflix instant watch as of this post; if you wanna check it out. It’s an interesting watch but I already have a label for it, minutes after watching it. It’s a movie that wasn’t great or awful, but I never need to see it again. Yep! So, take that for what it is, and happy Netflix’n. The trailer is below, as usual. Later.



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