Recapped!: “Four Horror Tales; Dark Forest”

“Do you love me enough to….take my life if I become one of those…”

words: desmond “neo” childs

Oh snap! Now you know good-and-well I have to ask this question: In the event of a zombie-like apocalypse; which three people would you take with you? The answer, should always be the same three things. Chuck Norris, The Most Interesting Man In The World, and Jesus Christ: Our Lord And Savior. Alright, that was corny, even for me. Seriously though, here’s a question for you all to send in; which three famous actors/actresses would you want with you during such an apocalypse? Send your comments and questions to, alright? The group of climbers in this tale of torment are a pretty close knit pack, will they be able to make it out alive?

Directed By: Kim Jeong-min


“You can’t be…your…YOUR my little brother!”

Alright so the director isn’t very experience having only officially directed two feature films including the last quadrant of the Horror film series, Four Horror Tales. The other film he’s directed, What Happened Last Night? (2008), was more of a comedy. Dark Forest (As the first picture in this article points out) is NOT a comedy. The story is pretty straight forward, five young adults travel through a forest on their way to climbing a mountain. On their way through the forest, two of the travelers throw rocks at a “shrine” and anger what appears to be the spirit of the forest. Now for those who have seen this, I know the “shrine” I mentioned wasn’t a shrine it was called something else; but the proper name escapes me. Anyway, it’s neither here nor there in the long run anyway. Basically once the forest gets pissed, it reeks vengence upon the unspecting group of youngsters; devouring their souls. The body is then used as a vessel for the evil spirit to attack the other members of the group. The film becomes very predictable in that the two most typical characters are the first to “go”; and the three who are the closest have to endure the worst the forest has to offer. Is it compelling? Eh, not particulary, as all the jumps and scares can be called before they take place on screen. There are a few instances where I did kinda get anxious, credit where it’s due: the camera. I know I constanly bark about this, but the camera is essential in horror films, because the “big reveal” in these films usually gets the most visceral reaction from the audiences.

  Dark Forest is decent in it’s amount of scares, but it’s still mostly a predictable fun run through the woods. And even though it’s suppose to be a key device in the film; the whole “psychic visions” thing was so tacky throughout that the movie really could’ve done without it. To sum it up, it’s not all that great of a movie, guys. I know this is my opinion, but if I know the people reading my blog well enough; the over-the-top score and melodrama is enough to make you wanna cut it off prematurely. Anyhoo, it’s on Netflix Instant watch! All zombie fans and fans of b-movies should check it out. Although there is an incredibly unnecessary scene in which a zombie stabs a victim in place I’m not comfortable typing about on my review here. Not just once, but he KEEPS stabbing her! OVER AND OVER! Ugh!

Check out the trailer:




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