Recapped!: “Tell Me Something”

“You’re not the suicidal type.”

words: desmond “neo” childs

 Alas, I have once again stumbled upon a movie in which a detective, “gets in too deep”. I love these types of films because they tend to reveal something dark, and eerie about the characters involved. Occasionally, the movie even reveals something about the audience. Who do we trust? Why do we trust them? Some questions are worth mulling over, even if we feel like it’s all for naught. Who knows? The people who call themselves your friends could actually be vicious, ruthless, killers. Or possibly, just sociopaths with no pause for the consequences and repercussions of their immoral actions. Tell me something, would you? Would you watch a movie about a surgical killer who chops up victims and disperses them around town? Well, would you watch it if I told you there was a little…twist thrown into the mix?

Directed By: Youn-hyun Chang

Mr. Youn-hyun’s directorial work is spread out over 30 years. Well, technically. He’s been active as early as 1989, and all of projects span the last couple of decades. He’s won an award for his movie, Contact (1997); but has also been at the helm for 5 other movies in addition to Tell Me Something and Contact. If you must know the details concerning his other projects click here to jump to his webpage.

In regards to this director’s style, he definitely favored using a lot of symbolism in Tell Me Something. He’s also got a thing for blood and gore, and uses it very effectively here. The terror isn’t necessarily in the scarys and jumps we get in this movie; but in the boldness of the killer. This person is evil. They mutilate and dissect the human body, and take pleasure in spreading the remains around Tokyo for all to see. They don’t mind killing whoever gets in their way, not even the detectives who are called to the crime scenes. Much of the horror in this respect has to be credited to the menacing way the killer is hidden within the shadows. This creature moves with purpose, works quickly, and disposes of the evidence in a way that leaves not even the audience with any reason to believe they’ll get caught.

“Why didn’t you bring your gun!?”

The story is all-in-all a clever spin on a serial murder case. Or at least it’s trying to be. Do we give points for trying? What’s the saying, “Close only counts in horse shoes and grenades”? Well, I won’t go as far as to say this picture didn’t work for me. I will say that a mostly good film is ruined by a rushed, twist ending that left me scratching my head more than feeling spooked. The ending didn’t need to there. And although the movie was entertaining, I didn’t feel like it was earned. When the only thing validating a twist ending is a picture, it’s a little tough to appreciate the film’s intent. Was it trying to leave the true ending up to us? Was this leaving the movie open for a sequel? Is this the most questions I’ve ever asked in a Recapped! article? Yes, it is. So, at least, we have the answer to one of these questions. I just wish it had something to do with the movie. As usual, the flick is available on Netflix Instant watch. For how long, I don’t know. Check out the trailer below (it’s in ENGLISH too!):




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