Screened Vision[s] Movie Blog Podcast: “An essential element of any art is risk. If you don???t take a risk then how are you going to make something really beautiful, that hasn???t been seen before????


We kick the show off with a story centering around stars dating decades above or below their age! Who remembers this very loosely related album cover from the late-R&B star, Aaliyah?

Podcast Running Time: 43 minutes 41 seconds


  • Mobster Movie Marathon got postponed/cancelled
  • Celebrities who date people decades older or younger then themselves
  • Some asian pop culture celebrity (24-years old) is dating a 12 year old kid. Yes. You read that right.
  • Daily Anime Fix (courtesy of Anime News Network)
  • Box Office Breakdown
  • ALSO: Top 5 games releasing in October, and the 2012 Monster-Movie Marathon list is revealed!

Show Inbox:

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Music produced by: Amanda Ded

Yeah, My Cowboys got their BUTTS handed to them tonight! Game isn’t even over as I type this! My monday just got worse, good thing it’s10:34 at night! By the way, the quote in the title is from director, Francis Ford Coppola.


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