Brown Sugar (2010)

“What kind of person do you think I am?”

brown sugar1

Words: Desmond Childs

Hey guys, do you remember that first time? The first time you fell in love? Your first kiss? The first time you-

CUT! CUT! Oh shoot! I can totally write a better lead-in than this! Alright, quiet on the set! I can’t think with all this noise!

Weird, Sexual Tension: The movie, take 5! Action!

“Why are men such players?”

There is definitely something here tucked away inside Brown Sugar. Something purely emotional, highly sensual, and possibly a little familiar to me. However, aside from the fantasies we see in this movie, I’m not sure there’s much else here. Whatever it is tucked away in Brown Sugar, It does not feel like a treasure worth digging up. Because I know what’s hidden. And it’s a very taboo, very popular subject. It’s sex. It’s the sexuality of the human race. Men, women, and the younger men and women. This movie famously landed into theaters after Thailand lifted it’s 80 year band on obscenity in movies. Clearly the directors involved wanted to take the newly-acquired freedom, and run with it! And run with it, they did! Let’s cut to the chase. There is quite a bit of sexual content in this movie. I’m not the type to revel in this sort of thing, because I always feel awkward watching these scenes. Very few movies handle “love” scenes tastefully, without taking things too far. Brown Sugar lets things go a bit too far. Granted, the specific scene I have in my mind takes place late into the movie; but it’s totally unnecessary. I understand this movie’s intentions. There was no serious effort put into the plot written up for these three different stories. They did it all for the sex.

And frankly, the opening sequence was a bit misleading. It had me thinking this movie would be something more than a soft-core porn. Yeah, that’s what it is. Prove me wrong. Well, technically it’s supposed to be an Erotic/Drama. That’s fine, I guess. I wish it just had a little more going for it, other than having characters sleep around. They seem to only be able to express their feelings through sex, weird truth or dare games, and creepy, symbolic massages. Oh yeah, a woman gets a tattoo in an area of her body that seems pretty impractical. But who cares right? We’re getting to show explicit sex scenes for the first time in 80 years! Let’s do it big! YOLO! I feel like the directors (Kittiyaporn Klangsuring (Desire),Panumart Deesatta (Prostitute on Bed),Sart Tanchareon (Love for Play)} all had this in mind when working on Brown Sugar. And I’m hopeful that all three directors have gone on to bigger and better things. I guess sometimes, even writers and directors have to get certain things out of the system. My advice to you, the reader? Skip Brown Sugar. It’s “Sex: The Movie”, and it’s not particularly interesting beyond that.

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