Yes or No 2 (2012)

“How does she feel about you?”

words: Desmond Childs

“…and how do you feel about her?”

Is there anybody out there that can distinguish between “being in love” or “being infatuated”? I’m sure we’ve all had our various experiences with both, and generally speaking it’s all a little too mushy and sensitive for me to go into, personally. However, I will admit (gun to head ^_^), that watching movies that force me to revisit these experiences can be pleasant. I don’t appreciate the label (chick-flicks), but a good romantic drama and half a pack of peanut butter crackers is a good time. But now to the subject at hand:

Kim and Pie have been together for three years! Three years, guys! Love is in the air, until their respective internships pull them apart. Wait a minute! Don’t love stories like this usually involve a third-wheel? Uh, yeah. Have no fear, the love triangle is here:

“Cover your eyes”

Let me preface everything I’m about to say with the following: I did enjoy watching this movie for the most part.


Now I can be myself…

Alright so the meat of this picture lies in the love triangle that slowly develops throughout the course of the movie. The trailer told you all as much. Kim is a hardy, well-mannered young woman who has a “others-first” mindset. She even states at one point that she is most happy when others are happy. That’s cute, and that is sweet. What’s interesting about Kim, is that she’s in a relationship with Pie. Now Pie is like the puzzle piece fit for Kim, because she’s needy, “clingy”, and selfish. To be fair, Kim lacks an assertive edge, and has the appearance of someone who sort of just lets life wash over her. So like I said. Puzzle-piece fit, or at least it has been for three years, until their Summer jobs split them up. So now we get to the part of the movie where a third woman is introduced (at Kim’s new internship). The rest of the movie deals with Kim being so conflicted in her decision to stay with Pie or to try anew with Yam. Also, I like all of their names. I had fun listening to Kim say “Pie” or “Yam” throughout the course of the movie. Anyway, the story goes on and many a tear are shed. Why? Because Kim is indecisive? Because Pie is selfish? Or maybe because Yam is made to suffer in silence through it all.

Ultimately I had an okay experience with this film. It was a romantic drama that hit all the right emotional notes.

“Oh Desmond, how cliché.”

Well, I’m sorry, alright? I just was not as emotionally invested as my female compatriot. She was a gooey, pile of goop when this film finally ended. And the ending is a very familiar one, which isn’t spoiling jack-diddly, squat. It’s a cute, warm picture you’ll enjoy more with a loved one. It isn’t a masterpiece, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it on a lot of shelves. To use a phrase more associated with video games: It has a high-replay value. It also benefits from having its three leads being very attractive.  FIN.

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