Wicked City (1987)

2013 Monster Movie Marathon- Movie #3

Words: Desmond “Neo” Childs

“They say they give great pleasure, but cannot give birth to children…”

The human world and demon world have this truce, see? The pact of peace keeps the humans and demons from warring against each other. So naturally there are those who oppose the re-signing of this “Pact of Peace”. Said persons feel that this certain pact would lead to unholy unions (i.e Human and Demon giving birth to offspring of mixed blood)

I would like to start by saying there is a solid, workable story buried away inside Wicked City. It concerns two unlikely partners and their dangerous mission of protecting a public figure. This person is key in getting the peace pact re-signed and if he’s lost, the two worlds would suffer for it. There’s some fast, film romance thrown in, and violence sprays all the way along the movie’s 82 minute run-time. The animation is far from shabby, and the UK dub work is passable. Those are all the “positive” things about this film for me.

Let me tell you where this movie fails. It’s a mature film, with many scenes of sex, rape, and gore scattered throughout. Even with the script trying to write off character deaths as people “being put to sleep”, the animation told a more gruesome tale. It’s not the adult content that bothered me, per SE; it’s the way Yoshiaki Kawajiri and co decide to shift focus away from the story, and refocus it on the adult content. The way I can describe my gripe is that I hated the way this movie neglected the hamburger and only paid attention to the fries and soda. I dunno guys, this was one of those movies (anime or live-action) that are so irk-worthy, that it brings me out of my usually contemplative style of reviewing. It’s pretty much a hentai. There I said it. One of the first scenes is of someone going down on someone else. Yep. Like I said, this movie sets the tone early in terms of what it’s all about. Perhaps the jokes on me, after all the name of the movie is Wicked City.

Now Wicked City is on amazon.com for prices varying from $20-$40 dollars. It’s not a movie I’d actively recommend to anyone, but I wouldn’t necessarily dissuade an older audience from partaking. At any rate, Wicked City knows what it is, and doesn’t really shy away from the grit and grim. No matter how hard the UK dub tries.

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