The Latest Anime Excursion: ‘Sword of the Stranger, Summer Wars, Detective Conan, Monster


The sheer amount of animation that runs through our household on a regular basis is astonishing at times, but in a good way. Nothing quite like catching a samurai epic, a suspenseful medical drama, a detective serial, and a family feature all within the same two weeks. Sword of the Stranger, even after some years, remains a classic. Monster is a tale of one doctor’s struggle to remain true to his heart. Whether Dr. Tenma is facing the ethical and political pressure of his fellow peers, or dealing with the consequences of his past, Monster is truly an engaging series to watch. If you don’t know me by now you never will: Detective Conan gets played more than any other series in our collection. Why? Because it’s a clever, silly little series about a genius detective who doesn’t allow his shortcomings to slow him down. Shinichi Kudo has been poisoned and shrunk down into a kid and yet he still spends his time solving crimes. So what if he’s a little arrogant, right? And lastly, Summer Wars deals with a family as one of it’s members brings home a young friend. And by friend I mean her future husband. Well, at least that’s what she tells her folks. Anyhow, the story let’s us sit with these people and see how they live. How they interact with their highly technologically advanced society and the risks that come with that. They also deal with death in the family, and it is interesting to see how the different members of the family “grieve”. Some mourn the loss, and lose touch with reality while others lash out at society as a way to somehow avenge the fallen. All in all, there wasn’t a single animated endeavor that I regret here within the last couple of weeks. And that’s something that I, nor Saki take for granted–especially in the world of Japanese animation.

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