L.N.D.N Marathon Movie #2: Love in a Puff (2010)

I Miss U!

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Words: Desmond “Neo” Childs

I’m not a smoker. I think the excuse I like to use the most–is that I’m all too aware of the years per cigarette that are apparently being removed from my overall life span. Well, at least that’s what those public service announcements use to say. In all honesty, and I have this same philosophy about drinking–of I cannot consume large quantities of something without seriously damaging my organs–I want no part of it. Plain and simple, I’ve always thought that nothing good can come from smoking.

So imagine my surprise when me and Saki Matsuri stumbled upon a film set around smoking. And not just any kind of movie–but a love story. Love in a Puff is an honest, unfiltered look at two people wanting to find–companionship.

“Wait a minute, Desmond…didn’t you use that companionship word in your last review?”


Yes I did.

And it’s just as relevant here with our protagonists–Jimmy and Cherie. The two of them are, along with the rest of the smoking population regulated to only smoking on breaks, outside in groups. These groups, or ‘hot pot packs’ are where smokers socialize and gossip about their respective workdays.

Love in a Puff is directed by Ho-Cheung Pang (Dream Home, 2010), and benefits greatly from his steady hand behind the camera. The movie starts off interestingly enough, and one of my favorite parts of the movie involved Jimmy, Cherie, and their fellow “hot pot pack” companions retelling gossip-laden tales about the people they worked with. The back in forth between characters within the group (the bell hop’s free-willing wisecracks) or the willingness of some to bring food for the others to share (the pizza delivery boy). Jimmy and Cherie apparently had been going to this particular smoker’s circle, but at different times. The day they met sparked a week of (what felt like) a quirky, sincere, hurried little tale of two people falling for one another. It was so down-to-earth in it’s depiction of the two “love birds” that it makes me struggle for the proper way to talk about it.

This is a fun, little story that hits all the comedic notes.  The romance is nowhere near overdone, and the relationship between the two leads leans closer toward “cute” than “sexy or romantic”. And I was fine with that because I feel like reality leaves less time for dramatic, heart-filled love stories. It does seem to leave us plenty of downtime to spark one up with some friends in a back-alley–and look cute doing it.

[Watch ‘Love in a Puff’ on Hulu.com]

If you’ve seen Love in a Puff and agree or disagree, send me an email at svmovieblog@outlook.com

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