L.N.D.N Marathon Movie #4: Romantic Island (2008)

Won’t you join me?

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Words by : Desmond “Neo” Childs

You look like you’ve had a rough week. Do you need a vacation or something, because you look a little out of it. Wow, you need to use some of your vacation hours–about a month’s worth.

The three couples featured in this film all need a break. Not from each other but the life that’s dealing them a rough break. The premise of the movie puts these people somewhere in the Philippines (Boracay Islands) where they began the process of ‘healing’.

One couple (the middle-aged one) take a trip together to get away from their steady, mundane jobs. However, after a while it’s revealed that the man is suffering from a disease. He’s contemplating suicide, and sees death as a way to make amends–for something.

Our second couple comes together through circumstance. A tall, lanky loser meets an idol singer who is traveling around incognito. They spend the film bonding, developing their relationship and having a blast.

The third and last couple also happen to meet by happenstance. A young businessman whose job may be in jeopardy and a young woman who has ‘run away’ from her family and responsibilities.

The men and woman in this picture our seeking a release. They are all stressed out in one way or another, and the film seems to serve as a vehicle for its characters to wind down and relax. Which is fine. I enjoyed watching them be silly, go sight-seeing and dine at expensive restaurants. There were three different writers and all of them added some depth to the couples. Dealing with the loss of a parent you didn’t get to know? Come to the Boracay Islands! Tired of the idol singer lifestyle? Head on over to Boracay Islands! Running away from responsibility?


You get the idea.

Anyway, the sub-plots aren’t heavy-handed and lightly touch on the humanity of a few individuals in the group. Nothing too deep, but just for us to understand the actions of said people. While I don’t really have anything negative to mention here I’ll admit that the film is predictable. But I didn’t have a problem and I was entertained by the gentle, romantic comedy director Kang Cheol-Woo delivered here. As of now, this movie is my second favorite behind Love in a Puff–both films truly feel like movies you’d like to enjoy with that special someone.

Aside from this picture, Kang Cheol-Woo directed Real Fiction  (2000). He’s done some work as a screenwriter and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he also did some writing for Romantic Island in addition to directing it. With that being said, the location doesn’t call for a lot of extra toward sprucing up the picture. The Boracay Islands are gorgeous. It truly does look like the vacation ads I’ll receive every now and then in the mail. The actors probably had a blast being able to not only film on location, but then go out and party.

With only one movie left to go in the marathon–I’m looking forward to seeing the last film (Rainbow Eyes). As always you can watch Romantic Island yourself by clicking on the link below. Check out the trailer too.


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