Daytime Drinking (2008)


“I got a drink here…it’s good for helping you get over a breakup!”

words: Desmond Childs



Hyuk-Jin is gonna have a bad time. Why? Because he’s had a bad time here recently. He recently broke up with his girlfriend. His friends won’t offer any real comfort for the heart ache he’s feeling. They only seem interested in drinking. Well, until they offer to go on a roadtrip with’em. A trip to get away from it all–nice people, good food, and all the Soju (Korean Vodka) a man can stomach. So what’s the problem? How on Earth is Hyuk-Jin gonna have a bad time now?

 You &@#$!?

Jinro and Lotte Soju are the first and third highest selling alcohol brands in the world. Our hero, Hyuk-Jin (played by Sam dong-Song) is drinking it in nearly every scene. It’s an exaggeration, but not by much. In fact, this movie is one big bottle of Soju. Bottoms up and cast all your worries into the drink. What I found interesting here was how exhausting it is to abide by the drinking rules in Korea. Now check this out, a version of the rules provided by

So about Hyuk-Jin–he has a miserable time in this picture. He’s taken advantage of constantly, and even gets put in a situation where he’s penniless without a way of getting home safely. But don’t get me wrong, this is a comedy. There were so many small moments of zaniness that make this film work. If any of you want an example of  an independent film–this would be one I’d point you toward. It was the forefront to what followed after, and plays out like a fantastic journey for Hyuk-Jin.

I was searching–high and low–for the message writer-director Young-Seok Noh was trying to deliver. I suppose it’s that sometimes; you’re going to have a bad time. People are going to break your heart, someone is probably going to steal your money, and there may even be a creepy trucker who tries to spoon with you in exchange for your company (like he’s doing YOU a favor). And sometimes we need that sort of message repeated. Things can and will go wrong, but do we have the intestinal fortitude to pull it together and move on? The other message, which spoke more toward Hyuk-Jin’s character was probably more along the lines of “Sometimes you need to get away. Get out of your comfort zone. Test your limits, and try something new”. You know? Maybe? Well, at any rate it was a serviceable trip through a series of unfortunate events featuring some very ‘independent film like’ cinematography from Young-Seok Noh. Did I mention Young-Seok Noh did basically everything here? Well you gotta remember–independent film directors often put up most of the funds to get their projects made. So hats off to Young-Seok Noh for serving up a strong glass of awkward encounters, heavy drinking, and unfortunate mishaps.

I found Daytime Drinking at my local library

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