Box Breakdown – August 5, 2014

With Summer coming to a close and the season of cinema drawing closer,

I wanted to give major props to Marvel. It’s been said many times but can never be said enough about how proficient their studios are at manufacturing multi-million dollar movie franchises. They seem to have a successful launch here too with Guardians of the Galaxy raking in some $94 million dollars over the past weekend. There’s been an interesting dynamic shift here where superhero movies have overtaken spy-films and action blockbusters as the biggest draw in theaters, while Sci-fi has given period pieces and melodramas competition during award season. America’s fascination with superheroes speaks a lot toward our collective perspective on life. The news is marred with war, domestic violence, and financial scams. There’s also been recent flood of corrupt public official, police, political scandals. Now, before you say ain’t it’s the norm, consider how the frequency of which these things occurred has risen. To put it simply, we need heroes. And in this modern take on Marvel’s characters- -we need heroes who aren’t ‘bound’ by the messy politics that often allow various injustices to go unpunished. I say the trend continues, as the themes range from technology veering out of our control to man’s abuse of technological and/or political power. But enough about my observations, why do you think America loves these superhero movies so darn much? Drop me line at, and I may even read your response on my next podcast. Until next time, my friends!

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