On ‘Perfect Blue’

Once again I watched one of my favorite animated movies ever and my opinion of it has not changed. This time I wasn’t alone, my wife and her best friend’s younger brother were along for the ride; and they were not disappointed.

I find it interesting the struggle Japanese pop idols seem to go through in this film and even today. The hustle and bustle of assembling a group of singers and dancers, the struggles endured during the rehearsals and such. I can only imagine what little relief they get from charting one of their many dizzying singles.

Perfect Blue is a psychological thriller about Mima, a pop star who is one-third of the super popular CHAM. Their success has come and while they haven’t become has-beens, they’re definitely¬†knocking on that door. This story really begins when Mima, the Beyonce Knowles of the group, decides to venture out alone and become an actress. There are many fans who don’t like her decision, and maybe even a couple who are willing to kill to keep Mima a pop idol forever.

There’s some bloody, gory depictions of violence, and one scene in particular has quite a bit of stabbing–but for the most part–the first 2/3s of the movie feature some nudity and that’s pretty much it. Check it out if you can, you won’t regret it, especially fans of psychological horror films.


Here is the trailer below:

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