On Reason


I am always captivated by the amount of attention we give celebrities as opposed to our government leaders. Earlier today, I was reading an article about how intellectualism is being thrown aside in favor of ignorance, some of it willful. It’s like, the moral fiber/fabric I was writing about the other day–we as a country seem to wanna ignore ‘the right thing to do’. The strange thing about this way of thinking is that we don’t necessarily pass up reason or common sense for something more convenient–we’d rather take the long road of ignorance when it comes to civil matters.

But why? Why choose ignorance over reason?

There are some things that I do not apply ‘reason’ too, as matters concerning the soul (or spirit) tend to rise above logic and tack onto things like faith. That’s fair enough, as a Christian I completely understand that. However, when it comes to abandoning reason and common sense over civil matters like police brutality, or the exploitation of blacks in America for profit or entertainment–it really kinda pisses me the hell off! I understand I’m part of the problem, but using this platform as a voice to stand against it counts for something, doesn’t it?

Putting professional musicians, actors, and other entertainers aside for a second, the level at which we promote ignorance and this negative image of blacks is alarming. Now go ahead and throw in the ‘professional’ entertainers, musicians, and actors–it’s even worse. It’s like there are so little people in the public eye who are willing to speak out against obvious ignorance. Are they unsure of where they stand? Are they afraid of how we’ll all react toward where they stand? Or are they simply concerned with only the matters that pertain to their own lives and careers?

Bottom line for me, is that we have got to reeducate society at large. We don’t have to be doctors and lawyers to be critical thinkers.

You don’t have to be a MLK or Maya Angelou! You just have to be a critical thinker…escape from carpe diem in the context it’s used in today’s world. It’s not being used correctly. Seizing the day without using your head is going to lead to someone’s funeral. It’s what we’ve seen in the news, it’s what we watch on these stupid videos of people fighting or doing other absurd things–it’s right in front of us! Reasoning is so key when dissecting the sort of issues that we’re facing today. You can’t protect a Dylann Roof! You just can’t. I don’t even think the guy wants to be protected. But the insane amount of people who are actually standing up and questioning the man’s sanity, and even his race!? We all know that if I killed 9 white people in a church and said I did it because I don’t like whites…the cops wouldn’t be able to get me out of that same town. No questions about race, or motives, or sanity–I’d just be some crazy thug killer who murdered innocent people. The double standard is as real as the threat of global warming, people! Abandon ignorance, and embrace reason. PLEASE!!!!!??/


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