On Being Me, A Writer

On the second day of my two days off, the wife and I grabbed a couple of breakfast sandwiches at Jack-in-the-Box. We sat and chatted about nothing in particular, and as we ate I stared out the window at the nearby highway. I couldn’t help but think about my future. My writing, my resume–my “career path”. The fact that I’ve been writing like this since the 3rd grade–a perpetual stream of consciousness, shifting between pen and paper; keyboard and monitor. I really love what I do, and what I do is very personal. I can be writing for the most “corporate” corporation on the planet and I’d still be writing with this same sort of voice. I love it! I was reading a book by Robert W. Bly about careers in writing and it really focused my attention on something: Because of the profession I’ve choosen, I’m always going to love what I do, no matter what area of expertise I work in. It also brought another truth to light that I hadn’t really considered: I pretty much can write about whatever I want, job or otherwise.

So with all that being said I wanted to introduce this side of me to you the reader. The person who has been blogging since 2008. The guy who ran a podcasting network for six years, while continue a number of blogs.  I love to learn and educate others around me. My parents were among other things, tremendous teachers; when it obtained to both school and life. I was never left wondering about the way things worked because they understood the ‘devil in the details’. It brought me the common sense I operate on to this day, as well as the type of humor I wield. I’m truly blessed to have the type of parents I do, and all my love goes out toward them and my older brother, the coach/teacher/broadcaster. In all that I do, I am forever conscious of the tribe I represent and the people who paved the way.

As God and you as my witnesses, I’m going to carve my niche here. So help me God.

Aside from that here’s a little more about me, sorry if some of it is redundant:

I love the Dallas Mavericks

I’m a big fan of crime dramas

Love the works of Stephen King and Rod Sterling is a big inspiration to what I do, storytelling wise. Yeah, I do tend to get a little preachy at the climax of my stories too.

Love the outdoors, and going on walks with my mp3 player.

An avid podcaster and former online radio producer. I’m retired.


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