Series Preview: ‘The Study of a Jamaican Hero’

It’s 10:46 am. Bacon, toast, and a cup of water will have to do until I can make a bus trip to the café where I work. I’m on a ‘free’ spot on my work schedule so I decide to spend the afternoon “out”. I’m really struggling to come up with a topic of study for my next series of posts until after I get through eating lunch at Blue Moon Cafe. Blue Moon Cafe is great in that it’s what the Hilton calls its employees only cafeteria on the 3rd floor. We eat, watch TV, and socialize for 30 minutes at a time in-between the daily grind. I sat there and thought about my love of cinema; and certain directors who have influenced the way I critic other movies that I’ve seen since their projects.

Recently I had the opportunity to discuss the lifestyles and childhoods of some friends who grew up in various parts of Jamaica. Their strength and poise are still something to behold. I mentioned wanting to learn more about their culture. Their heroes.

Who are the men and women that stand above all else as true pioneers of Jamaica?

So coming up, I’m going to spend the rest of my Summer studying the ‘Heroes’ of Jamaican and African lore. I’m a writer, so to undertake this sort of research is exciting, and I’m anticipating learning a great deal by the time I complete the study. So cheers! Here’s hoping you, the reader enjoy this series as well!

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