On Our Divided Country

Well I got me a Pepsi. Or two. We ordered some with our pizza. So I’m sitting down at my desk eating while watching Hook and reading my Facebook timeline. I see the rage, the ironic humor, fatigue, and pure indifference when it comes to the recent span of race-related issues.

The #BlackLivesMatter campaign was met with things like “Black on Black crime is bad too, where are the hashtags for the violence in Chicago.”

Or when someone brings up that the person of color who was murdered may have been of questionable character like:

Oh C’mon, the guy practically screamed drug dealer, just look at him!

With the LGBT Community’s monumental push to get same-sex marriages legalize nationwide, or the recent push to get Confederate flag removed from public eye; there’s has been the most furious backlash. Some of the quotes, both for these movements and against, have truly opened my eyes in regards to us as a nation.

We can’t get our facts straight, can we?

We cannot deny that we all deserve the same basic rights. But we do. All the time. And on the flip side, because people, of all shapes, colors, sizes, and types are pushing for whatever “liberties” they can–we’re now having to field the most disgusting of ideologiesshredded-flag. For example, an organized group of pedophiles are pushing to obtain the same kind of rights that the LGBT community have obtained. Okay, I understand that we live in a world where a man loves a man. But a grown man loving little boys is a no-no.

Protesting isn’t nearly as effective without common sense

I’m just sitting here like: “Where are we going with this?”

How can we make this nation “whole” again? Or are we destined to become this politically-correct, polished country with a dried-out, hollow sense of self, pride for one’s history, and no sense of the future? We are a country with no plan. We’ve stretch ourselves so thin that we operate more or less like a giant corporation. I want to say that we’ll figure out and amend the history books, and some great compromise will occur and all of this stuff will subside. But we all know this is FAR from over.


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