On the state of US

It’s obvious we’ll always have issues.

You heard me.

You and I are incompatible.

At one point things were okay.

You let me go to school.

I let you delegate.

And dictate.





And murder.

I gotta tell you…

I’m over it.

Seriously though, with all of the things going on, how can we even breathe? It’s like everything out there in society has been systematically designed to attack us.

Life is now an attack on our intelligence.

Or our bodies.

Or even our souls.

When did I/You, Us/we become so ill-matched?

At any rate…

As if there was any question…

My stream of conscious writing is a result of pent up frustration..

With life.

With people.

With myself.

I can do better. I WILL do better.

You can do better.

You can and YOU will.

Even if we don’t see eye to eye, I wish nothing but contentment on you and your endeavors.

If I know you, I love you. Agape love, which is a sort of ironic unconditional love. Why is it ironic? Because you hold onto those you love, but sometimes people can be poison, and so you let them go. Sometimes that love you have for them dissipates, other times it doesn’t.

Say goodbye, my Love.

I really want to be the best husband, step-father, employee, and writer I can be. I love life a little too much to die before my time. I will leave my mark on you’re heart. My soulful entries will prick your conscious and provoke you to glance past your android; toward the horizon.

Toward a more meaningful future.

Toward your desires.

This is the State of Us. A country divided, but with similar hopes, goals, and dreams. But the bottom line is that we’ve got to reunite sometime before the end. Because although we are two puzzle pieces that fit naturally, we still managed to accomplish quite a bit.

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