Addicted gets Sexual addiction wrong, but nails infidelity


Let me start by saying I understand that if someone has a ‘sexual addiction’, infidelity could be one of the major side effects of that condition. However, the way in which this condition is treated in ‘Addicted’ is clumsy at best. The Bille Woodruff-directed films tries to chronicle the way sexual addiction can ruin lives; but I never really felt ,”It went for it”, save a few scenes.

Sharon Leal plays Zoe, who has a great job, great husband, and two beautiful kids. I’m not ┬áspoiling anything by revealing that Zoe soon begins an affair that soon grows into what this movie thinks is an obsession. In reality, it just looks like Zoe is cheating on her husband, and at one point her promiscuity eventually starts to rub her multiple partners the wrong way. Is that the point? Does Zoe sleeping with multiple men and even pleasuring herself in her spare time represent a sexual addiction or does it represent her simply being tired of her ‘perfect’ lifestyle? It’s really hard to kind of qualify the things Zoe does in this film, because she keeps the number of sexual partners she has relatively low. From my understanding, sexual addiction would imply that it’s always on your mind and that you’d even treat ‘quick, sexual encounters’ the same way smokers grab a smoke before, during, and after work.

The movie does include scenes of Zoe staring into space thinking about the man she’s cheating on her husband with, but I wouldn’t necessarily call that an obsession. It just seemed as though she was thrilled by the┬ádangerous prospect of a new man in her life. Unfortunately, I feel the movie needed┬áto be much more perverse and sexually explicit to truly depict in a convincing way Zoe’s sexual addiction.

Coincidentally enough, there is a movie starring Michael Fassbender titled Shame that does a better job showing the audience what sexual addiction may be like. It’s not glamorous, and it’s not the stuff dreams are made of. Very gritty, and I generally felt bad for the guy struggling through his addiction.

Overall, I just don’t think this movie Addicted was willing to get dirty. It was a little too lazy in its depiction of Zoe’s plight, and at points in the movie felt like it wasn’t sure if Zoe had an addiction or not. It played way too much like a typical romantic thriller. It even had a tacked on, clunky scene toward the end that completely undercut everything that had gone on before it. The film had not earned that climax, and for it to have been thrown in there the way it was just really put me off of this picture. Sorry, but this one gets no love from me.


This movie stars Sharon Leal, Boris Kujoe, and William Levy. It was directed by Bille Woodruff, and was based on the novel by Zane who gets a writing credit. Christina Welsh and Ernie Barbash also received credit for the screenplay here. Normally I’d go into further detail about the projection notes for the movie, but this movie was so uninspiring to me that I have decided to just leave it at the basic credits. Yeah, I wasn’t feeling this movie at all.