Just A Thought: The Hero We Need?

So the hotel I work at has three different restaurants, in addition to room service. I recently started to do more work in the higher-end Finn & Porter restaurant, and we just put out our new fall menu. A lot of work. I say all that to say this: The amount of reading, save current events, that I’ve done has been limited. However, one recurring theme over the last month or two that has emerged into the forefront of our regular streamed viewing is Superheroes. We’ve been watching cartoons, documentaries, and even behind the scenes clips on set of blockbuster movies such as The Avengers and The Dark Knight.

What type of superhero does the world today really need?

Would a Superman suffice?

How about a Batman to put the fear of justice into somebody?

Could Wonder Woman’s gauntlets block the scary wave of gun violence plaguing the country?

NOTE: Sorry to go full Detective Comics on you all, but the same question applies to heroes like Spiderman, Captain America, and Iron Man.

As far as reviews or new podcasts are concerned, I’m doing some new audio drama work for a new project by Taylor Brunson, so I’m excited about that. Stay tuned for more info on future projects! I’m also dropping a few reviews a month, so be on the lookout.

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