22nd Austin Film Festival Review: ‘Mully’ (2015)

Spent my two days off in style, getting my opportunity to check out the 22nd Austin Film Festival. I attended the special screening of the documentary, ‘Mully’ at the city’s only historical movie theater; The Paramount. Also spotted among some heavy-hitting producers, and up-n-coming directors? James Franco, who scooted into the last fifteen minutes of the movie donned in a trucker hat. Yeah, he really digs that look. Anyhow, more about the movie I saw, ‘Mully’.

Started from the bottom


Scott Haze, who you’ll be hearing a lot about the next 2-3 years, directed this documentary about Charles Mully. Mully was a very rich and powerful Kenyan millionaire who after a “spiritual awakening”; gives it all up and starts a children’s rescue. Mully Children’s Family, became the largest rescue, rehabilitation, and organization in Africa.

There are several inspiring scenes in the film, but what touched me the most was the fact that Mully already had eight kids of his own. His children questioned his sanity, his commitment to them as family, and his business sense; but they never really left his side. His wife also remained faithful and loyal to Mully and his cause, and it in turn became her cause as well as the children. It’s truly a moving film, as it touches on many points in Africa’s politics, natural disasters, or general disproval of what Charles Mully was doing could have easily derailed the destiny of the Mully family. As of this post, it’s on the brink of being released in limited theaters. If you have the opportunity, go and see ‘Mully’, because you won’t regret it.

NOTE: I could not locate an official trailer, but I did come across an interview with Charles Mully that will bring insight into the type of man he is. Check it out below:

I’m making an appearance on NexusGen Radio Program

What’s up?
This year has been interesting to say the least. In the five years I’m been writing this blog, 2015 was easily the most personal for me when to my entries. Incidentally enough, it’s also been the least productive I’ve been when it comes to film coverage. The good news is that I’m happier when I’m productive, which means I’m off my couch and throwing my potato costume into the trashcan. Afterall, Halloween has come and gone.

I’ve agreed to make a guest appearance on NexusGen Radio. Among things we’ll be discussing are the cosplay community as well as things that really need to stop happening in our community as a whole. Such as fandom bashing. Huh? What’s that? Notice I didn’t say being a fanboy? Because fan boys and girls are a unique part of the community. They are the hypemen and women of the shows in the community’s zeitgeist. Fandom bashers, are altogether a negative aspect of the community that when excluded improves the community.