Who cares about Gucci Mane?

Can we stop celebrating Gucci Mane and instead encourage this man to stop breaking the law. Get permits for your guns, GC–I don’t care if an unreasonable amount of people genuinely like your music. That’s a stab at his style. I wanna see him successful and free. Bobby Schmurda’s camp needs to huddle around him and the whole lot of them have got to focus on their craft. The legal one. We gotta stop feeding the widely held opinion that blacks love to promote violence, drug use,.and the mistreating of women and the LBGT community.

PREVIEW: Captain America: Civil War

civil war

Eight years after Iron Man set the table for the first Avengers movie, we have been introduced to a gang of unforgettable characters and locales. Marvel studios has undeniably made it’s mark in cinematic history; both monetarily and thematically–turning a lot of non-believers into believers. This second sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger, takes the genre to new heights. Imagine getting RDJ’s Iron Man, Spider-man, Black Panther, Antman, Scarlett Witch, War Machine, AND The Falcon? Oh yeah, don’t forget–this is a Captain America movie…


The Russo Bros….Anthony & Joe

Before taking the reins of Captain America: Winter Soldier; these two (to the left; directors Joe and Anthony Russo) mostly dabbled in television series or special direct-to-video features. One thing that cannot be denied is their phenomenal handling of action in these superhero films; along with the balancing multiple characters. I really appreciate their ability to place a veneer of realism over these larger than life characters within the Marvel universe. Although Captain America is a superhero’s story, the whole thing could easily be framed as a super-spy thriller.

Civil War is about guilt and the way in which people of power should take responsibility for their actions–good or bad. How should a hero like Superman be seen? As a god among men? As a nuclear warhead that must be controlled? Or as a super-powered vigilante, who answers the beckon call whenever he chooses? The movie does not set out to answer these questions, but does give the audience multiple points of view. And we even get the perspective of a hero who just wants to ‘fight for the little guy’ and nothing more. The government in this film wants the heroes reined in by-way-of a world government pact signed by like 100+ countries. Captain America and Iron Man (the defacto leaders) differ strongly on what they should do: Sign the accord and become tools of the government? Or refuse and become wanted men, or criminals? All in all, a very stressful situation for a group of heroes who are only trying to make the world a safer place. The movie also folds in a plot centered around Captain America’s old war buddy–Winter Soldier. That’s right…he’s back–and he is….apparently…well–I won’t spoil it for you. Will the Avengers come to a peaceful decision (no) on these accords? Or will they split into two warring factions that may not ever see eye to eye on crime-fighting ever again? And what about Winter Solider? Has he truly begun a fresh rein of terror worldwide?

I understand this article is more of a preview, but I’ll settle for that if you will. Expect an episode where I discuss the film in further detail. I’m even thinking of bringing along Saki Matsuri of NexusGen Radio! Until then, stay tuned!