Nate Parker

I have not seen Birth of a Nation. I probably will not. Is it because of Parker’s rape case? Initially, no. Learning the details about that certainly did not help persuade me into an $11 viewing–but I honestly didn’t want to see another movie about slaves. As for my whole stance on Mr. Parker and the rape case—I believe he should apologize. Now his supporters/fans are going to ask why, and my answer is way more complicated than it seems. Obviously, many people’s perception of Parker is similar to that of how other’s perceived OJ Simpson (Post-murder trial). The legal system has deemed many things legal, and a great number of people have taken issue with that. I believe Parker’s lack of sensitivity toward his own court case is disgusting. His accuser, post-trial some years later commited suicide. If I were “innocent”, and proven as such–why not go the extra mile to at least acknowledge the severity of the aftermath? She’s dead. Something clearly affected this woman so negatively, that she no longer felt life was worth living. Media be darned–Parker does not seem too worried with…well…any of this. To make matters even more maddening-Parker felt he needed to criticize the POC community for not supporting his project. Is this guy human? Can he truly be this self-centered, and not comprehend how his attitude is part of the problem? 

What are your thoughts on Nate Parker, his movie, and his rape case? Let me hear it!

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