Dr. DRE and the issue of Indifference

(Full disclosure, I have not seen the BET film)

It’s way too easy to write a joke here about how it will be nearly impossible to forget about Dre now. I mean, here we are, once again embroiled in yet another celebrity domestic abuse scandal.

Okay, so Michel’le’s new film, “Surviving Compton” shines a blacklight on Dre’s shady past with her. Am I surprised by the seemingly recent revelation of Dre’s treatment of Michel’le? Ehhh…maybe?

Now, my first thought was why word of this hadn’t got out sooner. The music industry, Hollywood, family and friends—whoever knew about this abusive relationship and chose to remain silent should be ashamed. In my opinion the indifferent nature of the “everyman” toward domestic abuse and rape culture is THE biggest problem after the crimes themselves. Similar to when people are indifferent to the Dakota Pipeline situation or the Black Lives Matter movement—Indifference is what keeps these problems afloat. Let’s just be honest about it–We Americans really don’t care as much as we think we do. We don’t. We’ll holler and complain fo a spell, but after awhile it’s back to business as usual so to speak.

With that being said, the latest efforts of social media to oust rapists, child molesters, bullies, and bigots has been encouraging. My biggest concern, however is what our next step is. This election has ousted countless individuals as closeted bigots and racists—but now what? What’s our next step? I believe we move toward removing them from their platforms obviously, but there needs to be contingency plans to be honest. What do you suggest? Now that America’s gross underbelly is being exposed–what steps should be taken to scrub away at the dirt and dead skin (if you catch my drift)?

Agree? Disagree?

Send me your thoughts:


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