We are not going anywhere. They will not get that satisfaction. Not today.

​I’m a black man, with two black children, and a black wife. I live in a country that has historically devalued my worth and downplayed the contributions of my people. *looks at haters* if you think music and sports is all black men and women have contributed, google black inventors. *looks at people who are indifferent* Many of you joked about the terror of a Trump presidency, but made double the amount of excuses as to why you couldn’t vote. I do not hate, but understand that your indifference toward your fellow Americans, and people of color is duly noted. As for me and my house, we will CONTINUE to serve the Lord; something a Trump or Clinton presidency would not have changed. Trump supporters who I may have loved,.liked, or simply known; whatever reason you had for your vote is your own; you exercised your right. I will say that many in your number have frightened the backbone of this country; and your overlooking that will not be forgotten. President Trump, the clock is ticking–as far as I can see, nothing has changed in terms of the state of racial and social relations. If anything, a Trump win underlines ALL of what we’ve seen, experienced, heard, or read. Be safe everyone. Be wise. Learn from this.




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