Movie Reviews

NOTE: These are films I’ve found available for instant watch on! They’re not my traditional reviews, but more like reasons why I enjoyed them, or reasons I’d want you guys to watch.

  1. Tales From The Dead (Film)
  2. Fist of the North Star (Animated Movie)
  3. War of the Arrows (Film)
  4. The Great Happiness Space (Film)
  5. The Invention of Dr. Nakamats (Film Documentary)
  6. Otaku (Film Documentary)
  7. Outrage (Film)
  8. The Unjust (Film)
  9. The Ghost of Mae Nak (Film)
  10. Barking Dogs never Bite (Film)
  11. Shiver (Film)
  12. Goth (Film)
  13. Dream Home (Film)
  14. City Hunter (Film)
  15. Howling (Film)
  16. The Last Days of the World (Film)
  17. Heavenly Mission (Film)
  18. The Red Shoes (Film)
  19. The City of Life and Death (Film)
  20. Four Horror Tales; Dark Forest (Film Series, 1 of 4)
  21. Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (Film)
  22. Bestseller (Film)
  23. Tell Me Something (Film)
  24. The Strange Saga Of Hiroshi The Freeloading Sex Machine (Film)
  25. Accident (Film)
  26. Jiro Dreams of Sushi (Film Documentary)
  27. 49 Days (Film)
  28. Sonatine (Film)
  29. Shinjuku Incident (Film)
  30. Bloody Reunion (Film)
  31. On the Edge (Film)
  32. Ninja Scroll  (Anime Series)
  33. Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles (Film)
  34. Flying Swords at Dragon Gate (Film)
  35. Kiss of the Dragon (Film)
  36. Lionheart (Film)
  37. Showdown in Little Tokyo (Film)
  38. Rumble in the Bronx (Film)
  39. Fallen Angels (Film)
  40. Failan (Film)
  41. Retribution (Film)
  42. Tokyo Story (Film)
  43. Passport to Love (Film) and
  44. Onibaba (Film)
  45. Haeundae (Film)
  46. 13 Assassins (Film)
  47. Hot Summer Days (Film)
  48. I Saw The Devil (Film)
  49. The Man From Nowhere (Film)
  50. Face (Film)
  51. Arang (Film)
  52. The Love in Between (Film)
  53. Ip Man 2 (Film)
  54. Champion (Film)
  55. Eat, Drink, Man, Woman (Film)
  56. The Housemaid (Film)
  57. 3 Seconds Before Explosion (Film)
  58. Aftershock (Film)
  59. Electric Shadows (Film)
  60. “M” (Film)
  61. Castaway on the Moon (Film)
  62. The Twilight Samurai (Film)
  63. The Butcher, the Chef, and the Swordsman (Film)
  64. Secret Sunshine (Film)
  65. Ichi (Film)
  66. What Women Want (Film)
  67. Beyond Hypothermia (Film)
  68. Hard Revenge Milly (Short Film)
  69. Chocolate (Film)
  70. Tokyo Noir (Film)
  71. Bullet Explosion (Film)
  72. A Wedding and a Funeral (Film)
  73. 200 Pounds Beauty (Film)
  74. More Than Blue (Film)
  75. Actresses (Film)
  76. FULLTIME Killer (Film)
  77. Brown Sugar (Film)
  78. Paradise (Film)
  79. Punching at the Sun (Film)
  80. A Brand New Life (Film)
  81. Yes or No 2 (Film)
  82. Bad Guy (Film)
  83. My Little Bride (Film)
  84. A Tale of Two Sisters (Film)
  85. Vampire Hunter D (Animated Film)
  86. Perfect Blue (Animated Film)
  87. Wicked City  (Animated Film)
  88. Turn it up to 11 (Film Documentary)
  89. Take Out (Film)
  90. 47 Ronin (Film)
  91. Sweet Sex and Love (Film)
  92. Love in a Puff (Film)
  93. Secret (Film)
  94. Romantic Island (Film)
  95. Rainbow Eyes (Film)
  96. The Hidden Fortress (Film)
  97. Private Eye in the Distant Sea (Animated Film)
  98. Roleplay (Film)
  99. Daytime Drinking (Film)
  100. Supercop (Film)
  101. Inside Out (Animated Film)
  102. Harlem Nights (Film)
  103. Addicted (Film)
  104. Mully (Documentary Film)
  105. Kevin Hart: WHAT NOW!? (Comedy Special)
  106. Manhole (Film)
  107. Luke Cage (Season One Review)
  108. Floyd Norman: An Animated Life (Documentary film)
  109. My Geeky Girlfriend (Film)
  110. Police Story (Film)
  111. Isle of Dogs (Film)
  112. Call of Heroes (Film)
  113. Eye in the Sky (Film)
  114. Perfect Blue Revisted For 20th Anniversary (Film)
  115. The Client (Film)
  116. Before We Vanish (Film)
  117. Brightburn (Film)
  118. Detective Pikachu (Film)
  119. Aladdin  (2019 Film Remake)
  120. Always Be My Maybe (Film)
  121. Ma (Film)
  122. Dead Don’t Die (Film)
  123. City of Lies (Film)
  124. BEATS (Film)

To be updated soon…

-Desmond Chids

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