Preview: Golgo 13 lands on our Golden Shelf of Glory

He’s just great at everything! Being the world’s best sniper? Check. Being involved in some of the most¬†awkwardly-animated love scenes in anime? Check. He’s Togo. DUKE TOGO!

63 and counting!



I just spent about 30 minutes going through and organizing the site. It was about that time, and now the Recapped! Reviews page is up to date. You’ll also notice that marathon movies are now in the mix with the other reviews I’ve done. Once I have the new list of movies to watch, I’ll setup the preview posts for the coming days. Capeesh!? Also, I’m looking for a new job in the real world so this blog is pretty much the only thing I have going outside of job searching. That probably means more reviews in a shorter amount of time. Probably.