UPDATE: 92 and counting…

We’re in the middle of our Late Night, Date Night movie marathon but I wanted to bring attention the fact that this blog is nearly over 100 written reviews. I’m elated that this project has turned into what it has, and cannot wait to see what other movies get added to the list. Of course the idea behind this blog was for me to have fun with Asian cinema. And I have, but I’ve also learned so much. Movies tell stories, sure–but they also convey some very heartfelt messages.

There is a new episode of SVRadio coming up on the latter half of April, and of course 2 more movies in our marathon! There may also be a special debut from Project Zion coming in the future as well. For those that don’t know, Project Zion Studios is OtaKast Radio Network’s special department that produces radio plays and dramas.

At any rate, I’m already looking forward to the month of May in terms of new movies to watch and review! Look for an upcoming post in the future, and I’d like to thank all 529 of my subscribers for sticking with me!



SVR: “Excuse me, Perfect Blue?”

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Dee shares his thoughts on the second movie in the marathon, Perfect Blue. Then he dives into a ton of Halloween-inspired 3AL discussions.

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SVRadio: “Vampire Hunter Darryl”

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Dee goes over 3AL news, including a failed attempt at someone trying to troll the group. Also, Darryl Simon discusses whether there is a lack of innovation in the video gaming industry. Finally, Dee rounds off the show with his review of Vampire Hunter D.

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I’m kicking off the marathon with Vampire Hunter D, the first movie from 1985! It’s based on the novels written by Hideyuki Kikuchi, and the film was directed by Toyoo Ashida. Mr. Toyoo’s career is pretty extensive and goes back as far as the mid-sixties. He developed his unique style working on Dr.Slump, and founded production studio Studio Live. He also co-founded Japanese Animation Creators Association (JAniCA) along with the late-Satoshi Kon. Expect to get a nice mix of action and strong, fantastically dark adventures in this one!



SVRadio: ” A Tale of 3AL”

  • Dee responds to and shares feedback from 3AL, the newest addition to the Screened Visions Movie Blog family
  • Trolling
  • Review of “A Tale of Two Sisters”

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