Hidden Fortress dropped from Cinema Classics marathon

Looks like I’m replacing Akira Kurosawa’s Hidden Fortresses. Truthfully, if it’s not available for you guys to watch without paying money to ship for it, I’m willing to skip over it. I am not sure what the replacement will be yet though. Although there is a good chance I may push the marathon episode back. Don’t worry though because I’ve been watching a lot of non-marathon stuff too. Plenty of filler!




UP NEXT: Retribution/Hidden Fortress

This next episode has been a long time coming. I’ve been putting off both Retribution and Hidden Fortress out of sheer fear. Retribution because I’m afraid I’ll be too scared to watch it; and Hidden Fortress because I’m afraid it won’t be as good as Kurosawa’s other films. We’ll see how it goes, that’s for sure. Tune in for that plus the Box Office Breakdown (and predictions) along with the Otakast Radio News Update.



Asian Cinema Classics to be the subject of new marathon

Well after giving it sometime, I thought I needed to really pay homage to some of Japan’s more renown directors and films. That’s why I decided on 4 classic films to review and discuss on the podcast. The films are as followes: Hidden Fortress (1958), Ugetsu (1953), Tokyo Story (1953), Onibaba (1964).