BrightBurn (2019)


“What’s the ‘BB’ stand for?”

Just like the movie poster above, the film has a handful of really striking images throughout. Like…3 or 4. Y’know, a handful. Read the movie synopsis below then watch my review of this James Gunn-produced horror.

You guys let me know what your expectations (if any) are for this project in the video comments!

Synopsis: What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister? With Brightburn, the visionary filmmaker of Guardians of the Galaxy and Slither presents a startling, subversive take on a radical new genre: superhero horror.

Friday ?????: “What scares you?”

As many who have followed me over the last six years or so have learned–I don’t necessarily scare that easy. Whether it’s the absurdity or excess gore, over the top scripting, or cliched jump scares; I’m generally okay while watching these types of films.

What will generally get me kinda of nervous is horror of the psychological fare. Give me a story about my dreams running out of control. Or the man who forces me to make an incredibly difficult, “damned if I do or don’t” decision.

My question to all you readers is simple:

What is it–whether movies or in general–that SCARES you? Why?

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The second movie in my Monster Movie Marathon is more of a thriller than a horror film. Regardless, it does a good job of freaking me out, all the same. Directed by the late, great Satoshi KonPerfect Blue is equal parts suspense, intrigue, and paranoia. Have you ever had that feeling? The one that makes you suspect that someone is watching you?

Perfect Blue

Vampire Hunter D (1985)

2013 Monster Movie Marathon- Film #1
Words: Desmond “Neo” Childs

What a wonderful night this has been! For the first time in one hundred years I haven’t been bored once!

I have seen the future, my friends, and it’s not a friendly place. There are ghouls and goblins, zombies and werewolves, and vampires killing with haste. This world is dark and windy, with cloudy sunshine in the day. The nights are foul and riddled with murder, a wanderer’s early grave.


Vampire Hunter D, Toyoo Ashida‘s 1985 classic(?), wastes very little time delivering the suspense. I say that jokingly of course because the movie has not aged very well. It’s been 28 years and the subbed version AND the Carl Macek directed English dub are cringe-worthy. Aside from the voice over work being a bit dated and phoned in, the animation works well here for me. There were countless creatures among the “desolate” wasteland that is the world D lives in. They are all colored and drawn beautifully down to their gory, visceral insides. Like the astral wolf creatures and red, ghostly cloud of death that floats around the valley. These creatures, although spectral in appearance bleed red, just like the rest of us. And D, our focus in this picture, is more than willing to cut open a demon or two on his way to saving the oppressed.

Okay, I like this movie. Call it a favoring hand of nostalgia, but I was willing to overlook the horrid English voice work and awkwardly cut scenes. The scenes leading into action were filled with boasts and jeers, and the battles themselves were abrupt (and very bloody). I wasn’t put off by the violence, but was bored by the other stuff. The story’s about D agreeing to save a young woman from an ancient vampire. She’s been bitten and her village fears that she may turn. There’s also the matter of the dastardly villain’s minions and his young, brash daughter. A handful of characters that matter in this one, and the speed in which this picture reaches it’s conclusion made the whole movie feel more like an television series special of sorts. Not a negative, but I wanted to see more of the weird, dangerous world these characters live in. It would have at least given the movie an excuse to pit D up against more goons and goblins. Story wise, it’s a predictable, worn path the movie travels along, but making the road splatter with blood, guts and guttural screams does make the walk more enjoyable. Anybody know if there are any plans for a Vampire Hunter D anime series?

Fans of heroic half-breeds, vampires, villains with silly motives, or blood and death should check this one out. I suppose those of us with an appreciation for 1980s anime will get more of a kick out of this one. It’s an older title, but the movie does all the important things right in a action-horror film.