SVRadio: “Vampire Hunter Darryl”

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Dee goes over 3AL news, including a failed attempt at someone trying to troll the group. Also, Darryl Simon discusses whether there is a lack of innovation in the video gaming industry. Finally, Dee rounds off the show with his review of Vampire Hunter D.

+Music from TVXQ, Drunken Tiger, and CL


Retribution/I Saw The Devil #8

Show Outline:

Running Time: 1hr. 2min.

  • Retribution (review)
  • Box Office Breakdown
  • I Saw The Devil
  • Otakast Radio News Update


3 songs

Fullmetal Alchemist Movie 2 – Good Luck, My Way

Hanasaku Iroha – Haru no Mukou

Katanagatari – Yuki no Onna



Passport to Love/Onibaba #6

Show Outline:

Running Time: 1hr. 54sec.

  • Passport to Love
  • Otakast Radio News Update (brought to you by Anime News Network)
  • Cinema Classics Marathon: “Onibaba”
  • Box Office Breakdown